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We are a family run business, offering numerous menswear choices, specializing in the Bigger and Taller Gentleman Sizes. We strive to meet your requirements, to the best of our ability. Available for orders; online, over the phone and email. 

Osbornes History

Osbornes started on the Jurassic Coast, running a quaint humble shop in Beer. In the beginning, both Men and Women's clothes were sold in the store. On one fateful day, a supplier of Bigger and Taller Gentleman Clothing Sizes was introduced in the business. This kicked of with a storm. Osbornes, became one of the first stores and mail order service to specialise in the Bigger and Taller Gentleman Clothing. Overtime Osbornes grew so big, a warehouse in Seaton was acquired to keep up with demand. Before branching out into Plymouth, Britain's Ocean City. Meeting and making many new wonderous connections on our way. Followed by our final store, brought closer to home in Seaton, Devon. We had the privilege of Our Founder, Mr Tony Osborne, brace us with his presence on opening day, Monday 1st October 2012. In 2015, we closed our Seaton Store doors for the last time. We continue to operate on an online Store capacity only, with a personal measurement service available.

Running for over 50 years, taken over by the Bruce family in 2000. Present day, run as a family run business.  

Our Suppliers; Kam, Duke, Espionage, Kayman's, Double Two, Skope's, Brook Taverner, Titan and others. 

In this image, is David wearing a Dukes Harrington Jacket, with pebbled shores behind him.

 David, the deal maker, generous and


David Bruce

In this image, is Victoria with sandy shores behind her, her smile is as big as ever.

Victoria, the business woman, bright and


Victoria Bruce

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